Our Technology

Elite Dental is proud to offer a modern facility equipped with the latest technologies. State-of-the-art dental tools and technologies allow our team to deliver effective, healthy solutions for our patients, from early detection and prevention to advanced restorations. We're proud to invest in our quality of care with some of the top dental technologies in Medford, OR!

Some of the advanced technologies used at our Medford dental practice include:

Curing Light

Everyone wants tooth colored fillings instead of silver fillings. Whether or not we do tooth colored fillings is one of the more common questions people ask. However, no one ever asks about what kind of curing light we use.

Tooth colored filling material, or composite, is a soft, putty-like material that hardens when exposed to light. Composite materials contain a catalyst that initiates a polymerization reaction, hardening the material. Special lights called curing lights are used to cure composite fillings. However, not all curing lights are created equal.

Properly cured composite filling material depends upon the bulk of the material being cured, the lightness or darkness of the material, the range of light applied to the material, and the power of the light. Regarding curing lights, the VALO curing light uses a special multiwavelength LED to produce intense light in the 385-515 nanometer range. Historically, photoinitiators required light in the 485nm wavelength. The introduction of a variety of photoinitiators has created a broader wavelength range and it is important to match curing light output to photoinitiator sensitivity. The VALO light is capable of curing all light cured composite filling materials.

The VALO curing light is also able to deliver more light energy to the filling material in less time than other curing lights. This means shorter curing times which translates to shorter treatment times. Working efficiently is almost as important as producing high quality work. The VALO enables us to provide the same, excellent work in a shorter amount of time.

ISQ Technology

Implant Stability Quotient, or ISQ, testing is a non-invasive method for measuring the stability of a dental implant. ISQ technology is based on resonance frequency analysis which measures the frequency at which an object vibrates. Think of a tuning fork. When a tuning fork is struck against an object it will vibrate and create a sound. However, if something soft is held against the tuning fork when it is struck, the vibration and sound will be dampened.

In similar fashion, a dental implant with healthy bone surrounding it will vibrate at a different frequency than an implant that has not integrated with the bone around it. A special peg is placed into the implant and an instrument that emits pulses and detects vibration is held near the peg to detect if the dental implant has fused fully with the bone and is ready to have a crown placed on it.

Prior to resonance frequency analysis being applied to implant dentistry a technique called the “reverse torque test” was used to determine whether or not an implant was stable enough to have a crown placed on it. The test involved placing a torque wrench on the dental implant with a set torque value and turning the wrench in a direction that would remove the implant if it hadn’t fused with the surrounding bone. It was not uncommon for the implant to turn, the patient to feel pain, and to lose months of healing time.

At Elite Dental, excellence is our standard of care, so we have invested in and use ISQ testing with a resonance frequency analysis instrument to determine the stability of each dental implant we place to better serve our patients.

3D Digital X-Rays

3D digital x-rays at Elite Dental allow our team to provide more accurate diagnoses in a safe, comfortable environment. 3D x-rays expose our patients to less radiation, while keeping the digital imaging process fast and precise. Your dentist will have access to your 3D x-ray images right away!

CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns

Our Medford dental patients can receive fast, effective tooth restoration thanks to the CEREC same-day dental crown system. With CEREC, you can receive a custom-crafted dental crown on the same day of your appointment. You won’t have to wait weeks for a crown to be created and placed — you can repair and restore your tooth in just one visit!

Feel the Difference with Top Dental Technologies

Elite Dental invests in the latest dental technologies to provide the highest level of care for our patients. Advanced tools help our team provide more comfortable, precise dentistry at every visit. Call today to schedule your next appointment!